ABC 7 Interview [VIDEO]:

Meet Oakland City Council candidate Joseph E. Tanios


Joseph has lived in Oakland for over 23 years and has worked for the City of Oakland for over 18 years, during which Joseph was promoted through the ranks of Oakland Public Works.  He also served as a faculty member of Laney College for 12 years where he taught Construction and Project Management.  Presently, he serves as the City Hall Chapter President for Managers and Supervisors of IFPTE Local 21.


Joseph currently works within the City of Oakland's Bureau of Engineering & Construction as a Supervisor of Construction Management.  Through his experience working with stakeholders in the public and private sectors, Joseph has a unique understanding of the importance of strategic planning to achieve results that will benefit Oakland's vast and diverse communities.  Joseph has the experience to bring local community and business leaders together, as partners to drive change that will move District 4 and the City of Oakland forward toward a safe and clean community.


There is a layer of bureaucracy and dysfunction in Oakland that Joseph has never seen before.  There are many unacceptable problems that plague our city and remain unaddressed by City Hall – to the detriment of our residential and business communities. Joseph understands that to grow our local economy, we must provide a safe and clean environment for residents and businesses to thrive.


Joseph is tired of ineffective and wasteful policies that deplete valuable and limited taxpayer resources. That’s why Joseph is a promoter of policy planning and implementation that provides the greatest assurance of benefit and value to District 4 and all of Oakland.  


Joseph is running for office to give back to the community and the city that has given to him so much. Joseph is, and will continue to be, an advocate for Oaklanders of every social and economic background.


Contact the campaign via this website or directly at josephtaniosforoakland@gmail.com